Preserve Sanctuary

Mokuaikaua the oldest post-contact structure standing on Hawai’i was designated a National Historic Site in 1978 and is included on Hawai’i’s Historic Register.

In 2014 Mokuaikaua Church was declared one of the 11th Most Endangered Sites in America by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

In late 2016, Mokuaikaua was selected to join the National Fund for Sacred Places to participate in a unique program to help aging, historic sanctuaries across the United States.

This collaboration between the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Partners for Sacred Places and the Lilly Endowment helps ensure that America’s sacred places continue to serve their communities’ material and spiritual needs.  It  builds on decades of work by Partners for Sacred Places helping congregations use their facilities to strengthen, serve, and celebrate their communities for the common good. As the nation’s leading preservation organization, the National Trust lends 60 years of advocacy and grant-making experience to preserve America’s diverse history.

Please consider joining hands with others and become part of the history of Mokuaikaua. Your gift will perpetuate and honor the past and help leave a legacy for future generations.

For more information, please visit our Preservation page.

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