Hearing God in Hard Times

Now more than ever, with the unpredictability of what may be ahead for our lives, […]

November 16, 2020

Pastor Appreciation

This month we celebrate Kahu David and Mamma Kahu Kim de Carvalho, our faithful and […]

October 21, 2020

A Legend Became Reality

Four young Hawaiians and 14 missionaries sailed 164 days,
and fulfilled high priest Hewahewa's prophecy...

Hawaii History

Star of Bethlehem Analysis

…a series of conjunctions between Jupiter, Venus and the star Regulus was predicted accurately by […]

November 29, 2020
Kona aerial video

A Spin Around Kona

If you take a spin around our Kailua Kona community, you’ll spot the royal palace, […]

May 21, 2020

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Coffee Culture Club selects coffee sourced from the Big Island of Hawaii on the majestic mountain slopes above Kailua-Kona in Holualoa. 100% of the profits are donated to local non-profit organizations, including Mokuaikaua Church.

Their flavored coffees are lightly roasted to provide the perfect foundation to enjoy each flavor. Infused with the unique, smooth flavors of Hawaii, their flavored coffees are alergen and sugar-free.

They offer 100% Kona Coffee, Flavored blends, and Delicious Decaf options.

100% of the profits made are donated to local nonprofit organizations after the cost of goods is accounted for.

Check out their coffee selections here.

Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church1 day ago
Aloha Kakou!
It`s the beginning of Advent! Join us today for the start of the celebration of Christmas!
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church3 days ago
Creation is teeming with the fingerprints of the Creator: an indelibly good God who wants to love and be loved by His children. From the lost garden until your last heartbeat His hope endures; His Spirit races, gathers, hovers, and lifts in undimmed desire for eternity with you.
Mokuaikaua Church
Søren Solkær
One of the most amazing starling murmurations I have witnessed so far. A winter night in Friesland, a northern province of the Netherlands.
The Black Sun book is out NOW with starling murmuration images from 6 countries. You can get your copy at www.sorensolkaer.com/shop
For more starling murmuration images check my instagram @sorensolkaer #blacksun #sortsol #spreeuwen #fineartphotography #naturefilm #blacksunfineartproject #blacksunbook #blacksunfineartprints
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church4 days ago
The Mother of Thanksgiving:
As a writer and editor, Sarah Josepha Hale petitioned president Lincoln to establish Thanksgiving during a time of national division, writing:
“Each year, by bringing us oftener together, releases us from the estrangement and coolness consequent on distance and political alienations . . . . How can we hate our Mississippi brother-in-law? and who is a better fellow than our wife’s uncle from St. Louis? . . . Wherever we may be, it is a good and pleasant thing to feel that we look at the same stars, pray to the same God, and hold high festival of gratitude at the same hours throughout the broad land that He has so blessed!”
Read her story:
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church5 days ago
Not long now 😂
Mokuaikaua Church
Jaime Primak Sullivan
When you catch the Christmas Spirit 🥰

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