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Easter Services

Maundy Thursday service at Mokuaikaua, April 18th at 7 PM Jews for Jesus will be […]

March 22, 2019

The New England Revival Story


February 17, 2019

A Legend Became Reality

Four young Hawaiians and 14 missionaries sailed 164 days,
and fulfilled high priest Hewahewa's prophecy...

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Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church4 hours ago
If He can rise from the dead, He can handle this! See you tomorrow! 🛹
Mokuaikaua Church
Skate 404
Semana Santa y todos de Vacaciones 💜🔥 Ed Piojoso Skate
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church7 hours ago
Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area
The community will gather to celebrate Easter together at 6 at Old Airport. Then we continue with music, hula and message at Mokuaikaua at 9 & 11!
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church9 hours ago
She used to say she loved
those TV movies about Jesus,
but hated the crucifixion scene

even though it was toned down
in the grains of 1970s film,
palatable to the eyes of those
eating dinner in front of
a flickering screen.

This is us, now, knowing
how it all ends, knowing
in three days the lungs of God
would reinflate.

Knowing the ending, could I
ever comprehend the blackness,
ever imagine the darkest
Saturday in history?

A King’s body shrouded in spices
and linen lay withering
behind stone,

The budding bloom of salvation,
trod by
His creation.

Oh my God

today the sun scatters clouds
the sun that once turned away
at your final earthly breath
as the lion lay shorn and still.

May I never forget
the darkest day of history,
spring stopped, waiting,
pressing her face
at the tomb’s door.

By Jen Rose Yokel
Mokuaikaua Church
Mokuaikaua Church24 hours ago
Truth changes you.